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Show us the way to go Home

And so our visit has come to an end.

After a short detour by some of the team to visit the local wildlife, we have all returned safely and been reunited with our families.

The question "how was your trip" is always so difficult to answer.

It has been wonderful to meet with our new partners in Cyangugu, and a joy to reunite with those we have worked with for many years across Rwanda and Uganda.

We have been challenged both physically and emotionally.

We have been humbled by the welcome and hospitality we have received at the many homes, schools and churches visited along the way.

We have laughed and cried (often both at the same time), sung and danced.

As always, it has been our privilege to spend time with our partners and the communities we serve.

If you have followed our blog you will know that we now have much to discuss and evaluate.

Please pray for wise decisions as we consider the work, for funds to become available to address some of the needs, and the time to work efficiently to ensure God is glorified in all we do.

Thank you for joining us on our journey.

We're tired and we want to go to bed!!!

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Unknown member
Feb 21

You should feel very proud of yourselves and your wonderful charity work.


Unknown member
Feb 21

Thank you so much for the updates, it really has been appreciated