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Give a child hope and a helping hand with an education

In Rwanda, many pre-school children are left at home alone, or left to wander the streets whilst parents search for work. Pre-school education is not free and therefore beyond the reach of many.

Whilst visiting Ishywa Island and Kabahire pre-schools in Cyangugu recently we could not help but notice how many of the children showed signs of malnutrition. We helped to give out their mid-morning porridge (possibly their only meal of the day) and their hunger was evident. 

A monthly donation of £6 (or more) to the ‘Champion a Child Project’ will provide porridge and an education in a safe and welcoming, learning environment, ensuring these young minds can continue to be nutritionally and spiritually nourished. 

Kids in remote village
Gisozi Primary School


 Sponsor an   individual child 

How is Champion a Child different to Sponsorship?

Champion a Child
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Mukayisenga Melesiyana
A Mother's

"I have children who used to spend a whole day wandering around the village and on the lake shores. We couldn’t tell exactly where they spent their day and this made us feel uncomfortable going to find work because of thinking about where to leave our children.

We are therefore grateful for the Anglican Church who got the vision of starting a nursery school on this island because now we leave our children at the school. They care for them, teach them and give them a meal. When the children come home from school they share with us some of the insights about the lessons they have learnt.

It really makes us very happy. We are so grateful for your continued support."

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