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children playing under colourful tarp


Whilst all our projects are implemented with a view to bringing God’s word to those in need, some have a more obvious link to spreading the Gospel than others. Your donation can provide these mission tools.


A Bible is a treasured personal possession to be taken home and read daily.  Unfortunately it is also a luxury for so many who live in extreme poverty.  Your donation will provide a Bible, in the heart language of the recipient, allowing them to connect with God's word more fully and deeply. These youngsters were delighted to receive the gift of a Bible which they in turn could read to their parents. Scripture materials are also provided for churches and Sunday Schools.

teen smiling and holding up new bible
children playing traditional drums


Engaging young people through music, sport and youth conferences brings many into contact with the church and enables them to know the love of our Lord Jesus. Your donations enable these events to take place, teaching life skills alongside God’s Word and also providing an escape for a few short hours, from lives that no young person should have to endure.


Support for teenage girls with educational programmes, support groups and advice about:

  •  Pregnancy

  •  Sexually transmitted diseases

  •  Feminine hygiene

  •  Child marriage

  •  Domestic abuse

  •  Benefits of staying in school

Black and white photo of teenage girl

"I have never had somebody to guide me on how I should behave in my daily life.  My mother died when I was 10. I have lived with 6 families ever since. I cannot remember how many schools I have attended. There are those schools where I did not complete a whole term. I had nobody to guide me. Today has been my day... Thank you.”


The main mode of transport for most Pastors is by foot! A Diocesan meeting can mean leaving home in the night to walk several hours to the Diocesan office, returning home very late at night. Sub-Parishes can often only be reached once every few months due to the time spent walking, or the cost of a motorcycle taxi. Providing bikes is life changing for these Pastors, and for their parishioners who benefit from more regular ministry.

5 pastors lined up with their new bikes
Image by Keenan Davidson


The government in Rwanda has made it mandatory for pastors to have a theological degree.  

The East African Christian College was created in 2018 by the Anglican Church of Rwanda with the purpose to equip servant leaders of the church and the community.

The following courses are available:

  • 1 year postgraduate study

  • 2 year diploma

  • 3 year undergraduate course

Each course costs $1,000 per year per person which is out of reach for almost all.  Please prayerfully consider contributing towards supporting a pastor in being able to continue to minister.

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