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Repairing homes, schools and churches improves lives, increases self respect and lets those in need know that they are valued. Many church run schools and church buildings fall into disrepair due to a lack of funds. Church offerings are often sacrificial giving of eggs, bananas and vegetables, unfortunately these do not buy iron sheets for the leaking roof or doors and windows to keep out the weather. If you would like to help ensure an environment conducive to effective learning and faithful worship then read on and see how a small donation makes a real difference.

classroom with floor needing repair


Church schools offer an education to everyone, but the buildings often fall into disrepair due to a lack of funds. Leaking roofs, mud floors and a total absence of doors and windows are commonplace. A bag of cement or a corrogated iron roofing sheet can make all the difference to improving the learning environment. Renovation of a school building is a beacon of hope to an impoverished community who often feel forgotten by the world. It costs less than you may think to complete a renovation such as can be seen in the photos below. This is often the start of amazing community transformation.

Kagganda school before

Kagganda School Before

Kagganda School after

Kagganda School After


A church in disrepair is not honouring to God. It is a source of shame for a community who feel hopeless in their poverty. If the walls are made of mudbricks they can be patched up by the community. However, in Rwanda, the government is introducing more and more building regulations, moving away from traditional building methods. Sand, cement, roofing sheets, doors and windows all cost money that rural communities, who are mainly subsistence farmers, just don't have.


Your donation could help restore hope and dignity amongst God's worshipers.

inside destroyed Rumarangoga church

OCT 2021

inside newly rebuilt Rumarengoga church

JUL 2022

derelict Murabo church

AUG 2022

Murabo church being renovated

APR 2023

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