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Children in rural African village


and give them hope for a better future

Many living in poverty are denied an education simply because they cannot afford the basic materials required to attend school. By sponsoring a child, you will give them hope of a better future.

“I thank God for this golden chance that I have got in getting a sponsor. When we received the news I was very happy I cried with excitement. Thank you so much because I have gained hope that I had lost. The fact is that I had no plan for my future. I now want to become a nurse when I leave school.”
sponsored teenage girl

Why Sponsor through us?


of your donation goes towards supporting the child.  We take a small fee from the tax reclaimed from the UK government to cover our admininstration.

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We are a small charity and value personal relationships with you, our partners and the children.

Our sponsorship programme enables children to stay at home with their families where they are loved.

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We have been supporting children, their families and communities since 1994.

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We work directly and in partnership with the local church, who know their communities and can help tend to spiritual and physical needs.

How it works

A boy in torn clothes

​​The local pastor identifies children in each community that are most in need.

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We work hard to find sponsors like yourself, who are willing to give a child HOPE for a better future.


You Sponsor your child on a one to one basis. Many of our supporters sponsor more than one child.

letter with a picture from a sponsored child

Each new sponsor is an answer to the prayers of a child in need. Sponsors can encourage their child throughout their schooling by exchanging letters (which our partners translate) and maybe even small gifts if you choose to.  All gifts and correspondence (email or physical) goes through the CHI office for safeguarding purposes.

Man (sponsorship allumni) smiling

Sponsoring gives regular contact with the church, helps children stay in school, complete their education and gives them a route into employment or even start their own business, helping to break the cycle of poverty. More importantly it gives the opportunity for them to develop faith in Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.


For the Child

Welcome pack

(including a gospel and a sponsorship card showing someone cares about them)

School fees

(an education offers the best way to break out of the poverty trap)

School uniform 

(gives a real sense of belonging which many of the children crave)

School materials

(books, stationery, etc)

School Lunch

(often the only meal they will get that day)

Health Insurance for the child

(with the option to extend this to the whole family)


(you can exchange letters and our supporters are encouraged to regularly pray for their sponsored child)


(Regular contact and discipleship with the local pastor and other christians)

For You

Welcome pack including information about your child

Annual school reports on their progress

At least two letters and a Christmas greeting each year

Up to date photo each year

Opportunity to write and send gifts for your child and their family

The joy of knowing that you are making a huge difference in someone’s life, both now and hopefully for eternity