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Most of the people in the communities that we work in are subsistence farmers who grow just enough to feed their families. With a little help, they can grow a bit extra to sell and support their families better. Supporting these projects moves communities and individuals towards a life of self-sufficiency, rather than dependency on aid, restoring dignity and hope.

"Yes, the Lord pours down his blessings.

Our land will yield its bountiful harvest."

Psalm 85:12


Plots of land may be small, but without regular paid work, growing sufficient to feed their families can be a matter of life or death for many.

The climate allows for three growing seasons a year, but even having the seeds for the next crop is a challenge for many of the poorest families.  If the crop fails because of drought or flooding it can be devastating. Providing a bag of seeds can really make a difference to family.

crops being watered with jerries
group of people with goats outside a church


The benefits to a family of providing Hens, Pigs, or Goats, goes far beyond anything we in the west can possibly imagine. Manure, eggs, milk and young to use, or sell to provide the basic needs of the family, is only the start.


As the recipients in a community form groups to support each other, study the Bible and pray together, communities are strengthened and reconciled and many come to know the love of God. When the livestock reproduce the first female is passed to a neighbour and the blessings are shared. 

I love my goat so much! It gives me manure to fertilize my farm in order to increase the maize and beans production for satisfying my family with food.
It makes me feel loved by my church and their partners.
It helps me get money to pay for school fees for children and health insurance for family members."
smiling family with their goat


The impacts of climate change in central and east Africa have been severe in recent years. Climate-related hazards such as floods, landslides and droughts have struck with devastating effects. 


The effects of climate change have impacted the seasons with shorter or longer rains and harsher droughts – especially in eastern and north-eastern Uganda.  This increasingly affects the harvest, making it harder for families to feed themselves.

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