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A daily walk of several kilometres to collect water from a lake or river is the norm for many in Africa. There is a significant risk of encountering hippos as the dirty, contaminated water is gathered. You could help us provide water tanks and shallow wells for communities, schools and clinics, saving time, effort and lives as health is improved through the provision of safe water.  A 10,000 litre watertank, fed from a school or church roof, will benefit the whole community. 


The traditional facility is a long or short drop, basically a hole in the ground with walls and a roof.  Not only can long drops be dirty and smelly  but also dangerous. Poor sanitation spreads diseases such as cholera and leads to many becoming seriously ill or dying every year.

Many of the schools have just one long drop which is shared by all. Often they fill up and become unusable. Without a proper surround, young children are in danger of falling in.


Some churches have no facility at all.

derelict school toilet

Your support enables better, safer facilities to be built, and dignity to be maintained.

renovated school toilet
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