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The value of solar power, especially for lighting cannot be underestimated for those living in Africa. With the sun going down consistently at 7pm, many homes are plunged into darkness just as families are arriving home from school and work. Cooking and homework become very difficult in darkness and so kerosene lamps are often used. Kerosene is dangerous to health and is a fire hazard Not ideal. But solar changes all that, without any need for ongoing costs. In Rwanda we heard many testimonies thanking God for the solar lamps that had been supplied. A recurring comment though was that they would like all their neighbours to receive solar lighting too, as their houses were being visited by other children wanting to do their homework and as a result needing to be fed too! An elderly lady was thrilled that at last she could relax in the evenings reading her Bible. Solar - God’s gift to all! Donations for solar lamps are always welcomed. Thank you!


CHANGES AFOOT … We have been informed by our landlord that Elms Industrial Estate has been sold and as a result we may need to find a new ‘home’ for Christian Hope. We have long been praying for offices with windows to the outside world and no leaky roof, and God has listened but he has not given us the full resolution yet.

So, we are putting this out to you, our faithful supporters, please pray for CHI to find new premises, at very reasonable rates. If you know anywhere we might be able to rent, for not too much money (our rent has remained the same for almost 20 years!) perhaps you could let us know? Ideally we would like 120 square metres of space to comprise office space and warehouse/storage space for the Stitches of Hope knitting.

CHI won’t go away though, if a kitchen table is our only way forward then that is how it will be.

If you would like to see the present office space, CHI will be holding an open day on Friday 5 July when you can come along, meet the team, see our space and join us for refreshments.


CHI 30th Anniversary Celebrations continued …

Thank you to all those who attended the Thanksgiving Service and afternoon tea. It was wonderful to put faces to names and to catch up with our supporters.

Here are two more events for you to consider joining us for - more information on our website soon. Keep checking!


"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans."

Proverbs 16:3

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