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No-one hurt thankfully - please keep Kibungo in your prayers

School dorm on fire

On the night of 23/24 January, the boys dormitory at Gahima Agape School, was badly damaged by fire. It tore through the dormitory and, thanks be to God, no-one was injured.

Dorm room devastated by fire

However bedding, coursework, clothing and personal items were lost. Many of these items can be replaced but at a considerable expense to the school/diocese. For the interim period, the boys are sleeping in the school classrooms but obviously this is not ideal and the dormitory needs to be rebuilt. 20 of our sponsored children have been affected by this event.

Boys with their new mattresses and equipment

We asked if the building was insured and were told insurance is a very new concept in Rwanda, but they are looking into insurance for the other buildings in case of future mishap.

The diocese have managed to fund mattresses and some basic necessities but a lot of work still has to be done - the boys themselves will have to redo their coursework ready for exams.

The dormitory will need repairing as soon as possible using sand, cement, bricks, roofing struts and roofing sheets. Once the basic repairs are done, there will then be a need for windows and doors and of course bunk bed frames.

Please prayerfully consider a donation to help the boys at Kibungo.

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