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Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Building and renovation happen very quickly when Patrick is in charge. Kabanda school was as good as derelict when Patrick brought it to our attention. Education is a huge priority for CHI and school renovation brings hope to the whole community.


Kabanda School in Uganda


Kabanda School in Uganda


Rumarangoga Church was destroyed by storms, which left the community distraught without a focal point for prayer and community. Your support enabled CHI to bring the church back to the community, giving them hope for a sustainable future with God .


Rumarangoga Church destroyed by a storm

Rumarangoga Church destroyed by a storm


Rumarangoga church being reopened


The work which CHI supports through the renovation of churches and schools uplifts entire communities. Churches are a focal point, a centre for unity and hope, strengthening faith within the Parish, bringing the Gospel to all. Church schools provide access to a Christian education, a stepping stone out of poverty, bringing hope and growth to the community. With education, faith and hope, communities are empowered and the Church leads them to follow a gracious path. You could help too, by donating to our building fund!



Sponsorship is a simple and very cost effective way of changing the life of a child in Africa.

Here are photos of some of the children hoping for a sponsor.

Details of sponsorship can be found on our website or of course you can call the office and speak to us in person!

pictures of children awaiting sponsorship

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