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As you read this, the CHI Team (Carmen, Joff and Pauline) will be leaving Rwanda and heading north to Uganda. We will have flown, driven, been canoed across a lake and walked thousands of steps. No doubt we will have consumed endless boiled eggs and bananas and will have laughed and cried, sometimes both at once. The trips to see the projects are always emotionally charged. You can follow our travels on our website - , or via Facebook or Instagram.

Please leave messages for us so we know you are watching, and praying!

Here's our "planned" itinerary for February (nothing ever really goes to plan on these trips😊) :

1st Travelling from Rwanda to Uganda.

2nd Going back to Kimwanyi, where YOU helped give solar lighting to the local clinic, and also to meet Pastor Ian who has recently taken over this parish.

3rd We will be meeting the sponsored children and their families from our Kijjabwemi project, look out on our social media for photos of your sponsored child if their reference begins with UGA.

4th Kabwami school and community - we visited Kabwami school in 2020, it was dilapidated with mud floors and no windows or doors. Your support enabled the renovation of the school and church during lockdown 2020. There is more to be done in this community.

Pupils playing at dilapidated school

Pupils playing at refurbished school

5th Kabanda School - the school Rev. Patrick and Dixon attended as children - renovated in 2022.

Pupils playing at dilapidated school

Pupils playing at refurbished school

6th A drive to Kaleere parish to meet a new pastor and see how the loans for hope are changing lives.

7th Kikonge - another school refurbished after our visit in 2020, going back to visit the parish.

8th Visiting various recipients of the loans for hope project.

9th Visiting Kabwami and Kijjabwemi primary schools to see how school partners funds have been used.

10th Another fun day with the sponsored children and visiting some of their homes.

11th Aunt Louise School for the Disabled to meet the children and visit some of their homes and families.


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