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Building Brighter Futures

A new group of young people including single mothers will be meeting each other soon, ready for their vocational training at Kageyo TVET, Byumba, a vocational college run by the Anglican Church of Rwanda. They will learn trades such as tailoring, shoe-making, and masonry/building skills. Single mothers in Africa, are left feeling hopeless, often shunned by society, with little chance of earning enough money to support themselves and their babies. At Kageyo they discover they are not alone, that the church will support them and teach them of God’s love for them. Not only do they learn new skills, they emerge with a self-esteem and self worth that they had totally lost sight of.


In the UK September is ‘back to school’ month. Uniforms, shoes, pens, pencils, a new back pack - everything to make it easy and exciting. Some may be dreading it, others looking forward to seeing their friends again, but most children will be back in school.

In Africa things are not so cut and dried. Materials are expensive and children must have exercise books as well as pens and pencils. In Rwanda they must have a school uniform, and pay for lunches and a top up fee for teacher salaries too, which soon adds up, although primary education is "free"! In Uganda there are school fees, and children still need to have their own school materials and uniform. Lunch is optional and many children have to forfeit lunch to meet the fees.

Education is the ladder out of poverty and the children know that. They want to be in school, they want to learn, if they are told to leave school because of unpaid fees, they walk to the next school, then the next, getting as much education as they can.

Christian Hope cannot help all of them, but with your help, via sponsorship, or donations to the Education Fund or School Partners fund.

CHI have helped many young people over the years and will be able to help many more children going forward, giving them a chance of a brighter future. £5 for lunches for a term, £10 for a uniform, the costs are not high by our standards, but virtually impossible to find for many families in Africa.



LAST CALL for donations for ‘holding crosses’ for sponsored children. There are still some left if you would like one for your child. Letters and gifts for Christmas should be in the office by mid- September.

Thanks for your continued support and prayer.


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