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This is exactly what the gift of sponsorship does for a child in Africa. The CHI sponsorship program enables you to bring hope to the life of a child, living in poverty, in Rwanda or Uganda. They fully appreciate the gift of education, no more being chased from schools due to lack of fees, no more changing schools to get another few weeks of education, before being chased away again. With their school fees guaranteed, a uniform to show they belong, a lunch to sustain them and the knowledge that God has called someone, totally unknown to them, to give them such valuable gifts, they are truly grateful and feel very blessed. CHI rarely sponsors more than one child in a family and it is heartening to know that the sponsored child will also share their knowledge with their siblings to increase their hope for a brighter future too.

From this month the CHI sponsorship rate has increased to £20 - the first increase in 18 years. £20 a month to give a child the hope of a much brighter future. With £20 you could buy a takeaway meal for 2, or 2 cinema tickets or you could use your £20 to make a significant impact on the life of a child sponsored through CHI. Please pray that new sponsors can be found to support the children, so that CHI can continue to give hope and share the love of God through sponsorship.

Agnitha, Joshua and Judith are all looking for sponsors to help them with their education.


Join us for Coffee and Doughnuts!

Friday 5 July 10am to 3pm


Don't forget our other events this month:

Last call for tickets!


A BIG Thankyou

Brian and Jules bravely cycled 100 miles in the Ford Ride London Challenge to raise funds for CHI.

Our thanks also go to Pam and friends of Leigh on Sea for organising a jumble sale, Trish our long term volunteer, who organised an afternoon tea, and to Val for her regular table top sales. Proceeds from these events have been donated to help carry on the work of Christian Hope.

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