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Mission: To bring up God fearing children who are excelling in their discipline and academics

Star School

The Star School is a remarkable institution that emerged from the desperate need for new schools in Rwanda, especially secondary schools, following the Rwandan genocide in 1994. Bishop Nathan Amooti, then a pastor, had a vision of creating a school that would combine education and faith, and with the support of Mission Possible UK, he was able to make it a reality in 2007.

Education and faith are taught hand-in-hand at Star School, equipping students with the knowledge of how the world works and, more importantly, the God who created it.  The school welcomes students from all backgrounds, including those who can afford the fees and those who depend on sponsorship. Sponsored students come from the most vulnerable and needy backgrounds - orphans, former street kids, or children from very poor families. Many live on campus and receive holistic care, including food, clothing, health care, and education. They also experience the warmth of Christian love, acceptance and friendship from fellow students and support from their teachers.

The school has grown rapidly since its foundation, from 45 students to over 1,000 today. The school's hillside campus, once remote and isolated, has been engulfed by the rapidly expanding capital city of Kigali.  Now situated in a comparatively affluent area this city school has a reputation akin to Eton College in the UK, it provides an excellent education to students from nursery through to the end of secondary school.  Christian Hope were honoured to take on this sponsorship programme from MPUK in April 2023.  

The fees are indicative of a city school with an excellent reputation and it’s wonderful to be able to offer local disadvantaged children the opportunity to get an elite education and give them hope of breaking out of the poverty cycle.

The monthly sponsorship for each child at Star School is £30.  Occasionally we have students on a shared sponsorship, with you and one other person each contributing £15 per month.  Both sponsors will receive copies of the correspondence from the child.

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