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An uplifting day at the KOP Project started as always with a time of worship and prayer led by the older children. Mackline preached in English on obedience, and Deo translated for the younger children who do not yet have a good grasped of the language.

The younger children then recited a verse about the Bible followed by a sketch from the older students about the struggle to afford an education, waiting for sponsorship, and not being swayed by the world while you wait for God’s promise of good things, for those who hold fast in faith, to be fulfilled.

Some of the previously sponsored students had returned to give testimonies, we heard how they had obtained degrees, diplomas and vocational training and were delighted to learn how they were gainfully employed. Teachers, tailors, accountants, and vets each playing an important part in the future of Uganda.

Then it was outside to be entertained with traditional drums and dance, these young people are so talented.

We spent some time hearing about the crafts the children had learnt at the project and admiring the beautiful items they had created (we may have to do some shopping next week) and saw the students who are learning sewing skills hard at work on their machines.

Then it was time for lunch, always an important part of the day. The children as always had plates piled high, they laughed at us as we split one portion of Matoke between the three of us, we asked for a small portion, but guess it is all relative.

Then it was time for some C.H.I. as the tennis balls came out, Nick’s cricket skills were soon put to good use as balls soared high into the air, much to the delight of the children.

Back inside for more singing and dancing before we handed out the letters from sponsors, there was a special gift of a Bible for Megan who had recently been confirmed, normally we would not send such a heavy item, but as we were visiting...... It was heart-warming to see those who received letters and cards showing them to those who did not, there was no envy just interested in what had been received.

Then it was time to collect their education materials for the start of the new term on Monday. As an orderly queue was formed outside, chaos ensued in the small room where we filled bags as fast as we could go with reams of paper, exercise books, pens, pencils, toothbrushes and toothpaste, cream for the skin and shoe polish. The children waited patiently as they collected their requirements.

Just as the children were about to leave the heavens opened and the rain cascaded down. Some took their chances and headed for home, others stayed and took the opportunity to spend more time with us, although conversation was a challenge due to the noise of the rain on the tin roof. Eventually the rain stopped, and we all headed for home.

It was wonderful to catch up with our own sponsored children and those of friends and family, as well as many faces familiar from previous visits. It is amazing how much they have all grown in the 4 years since we were last here. We also met some new faces, as this project has grown considerably since our last visit.

After the heart-breaking visits we made yesterday, today was a much needed time of fun and celebration. Thank you children of KOP, you never fail to bring us joy.

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Thank you for the updates - it's probably the last thing you want to do after a busy day (again!!) but it's so helpful for followers of the Blog to see the positive developments in the lives of these youngsters, academically and spiritually especially after the difficult day you had the day before. Our love and prayers are with you all. Paul and Joan


So many happy Children, I love it!



Feb 03

Some lovely photos for the next calendar!

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