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Riding for Hope: Brian and Jules Take on 100 mile Ride London 2024 Challenge for Christian Hope International

We're excited to introduce Brian and Jules, two of our supporters who are embarking on an incredible journey – cycling 100 miles in Ride London 2024! But this isn't just about a personal challenge; Brian and Jules are doing this to raise vital funds for Christian Hope International!

Cyclists on bridge with Tower Bridge in background

A Shared Journey of Faith and Service

Brian shares how their connection with CHI goes back to the early days of their family joining St. Peter's, Harold Wood, where CHI started 30 years ago. "Seeing CHI grow alongside our own faith journey resonated deeply," he says. "Their work in Africa and Europe, spreading the love and hope of Christ, reflects the very values we hold dear."

Over the years, Brian and Jules have actively followed CHI's work, from volunteering to load trucks for missions, to praying for the teams traveling to Rwanda and Uganda. This support, fuelled by their faith, is the driving force behind their participation in Ride London.

A Love for Cycling, Rekindled

Brian's love for cycling started in childhood but was put on hold for many years after moving next to the A13. However, after moving to a house with no bus service, he was forced back on to his bike!

After giving up football at the tender age of 46, cycling became a way to stay active, and Brian found himself drawn to the beauty of exploring the Essex countryside. Now, he's a proud "MAMIL" (Middle Aged Man In Lycra) and thoroughly enjoys sharing his passion (and a strategically placed bacon sandwich stop) with Jules.

This year's Ride London isn't Brian and Jules' first rodeo. They've already conquered the 100-mile course together, with Brain completing it in at an impressive 6 hours and 30 minutes. Jules has also completed London to Southend and London to Brighton rides too.

The Voice of Experience

Motivated by their shared faith, fellowship and healthy competition, they also want to put their efforts towards raising money and inspiring others to support good causes like CHI.

For anyone else considering a charity ride, Brian offers some advice: "Pace yourself, remember: it's a marathon, not a sprint!  Drink plenty of water, eat plenty of energy refuelling food, stop at least once at half way, remember suncream, and enjoy riding without any other vehicles on the roads! Also, pray for good weather (it's not much fun riding in the rain) and don’t forget to give thanks for the beauty around you.

Supporting Brian and Jules

As Brian and Jules embark on this incredible challenge, let's keep them in our prayers. Pray for their safety, for strength to finish the race, and that they avoid any punctures (Jules knows a thing or two about those!).

If you would like to encourage Brian and Jules, please visit their fundraising page:

While Brian emphasizes that any amount donated is appreciated, their goal extends beyond fundraising. "It's about raising awareness for CHI and the amazing work they do," he says. They hope to inspire others to support the organisation and share God's love with those in need.

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