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More Churches for Byumba

You should have received the latest copy of our magazine, and read about 'our man ion Byumba' Robert, newly ordained, preaching at one of the newly reopened churches in the Mugina Missionary Parish. He and the Bishop had been visiting another poor parish - Rwesero - and returned home in a heavy rainfall, passing by damaged roads and homes. The parish pastor call the Bishop a little later, informing him of how various homes were destroyed, iron sheets taken off by high winds and crops destroyed by the strong winds.

Rwesero Parish, in Robert's words, is Byumba's poorest remaining parish, with approximately 400 Christians, of whom maybe 90 own their own Bibles. They are mainly subsistence farmers and live in poverty. The parish has seven local church congregations, but only three have actual churches.

Karambo Church

Robert wrote to us - "They (the churches) are bending to that extent that during the rainy seasons, anytime the roof and the walls may find their place elsewhere and not at where they are right now because the buildings are bending. Inside the churches are grass just as if it is a playing pitch and the other four so called local churches are known by the location of where people stay and not by church gatherings. The catechists preach to them through church home groups where they agree to meet at someone's home in a continuous way. The people from Rwesero are actually so poor to the extent that they wish to construct their own local churches but lack the funds to do so."

Butare Church

Robert sends his thanks to CHI and their supporters for the help given to them.

CHI would like to help them restore these churches - can you help?

"On behalf of the Diocese of Byumba, we are always surely very grateful for all you did for us, through the sponsorship programme, the renovation of houses for these children, the renovation of churches and we have surely witnessed the impact it has had on peoples lives as well as the life of these churches."

Bukure Church

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