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Let's talk about goats!

It may seem bizarre to many that goats are one of the main sources of mission, but without any doubt the gifting of goats by the church to the most needy in the parish has brought many new faces into church. The focus has been on parishioners, but it was also brought to our notice that many of the catechists were also struggling financially and maybe they too might benefit from receiving a goat. They have always put their parishioners first, and never considered themselves to benefit from these gifts. CHI gave 118 goats for them in August. By November some goats had given birth and 9 female goats had been passed on. The catechists were thrilled to be remembered.

“I’m TWAHIRWA Philipo, Born 1972, has wife with 5 children, a son & 4 daughters; lead Rubona local church- Gahima Parish. Having goats in my home, it has

encouraged my ministry by telling Christians how God provide blessings to his people. Our harvest has

increased because manure and we able to meet basic needs in my home. May God bless his church and its

partners in Jesus name.


Spreading the Word … one gift at a time

By buying a virtual gift from our Gift Shop you will be spreading hope and showing kindness, just as God’s gift of Jesus has brought hope to so many. Your generosity, be it £3 for health insurance or £40 for a goat and anything in between, will be bringing hope to those who receive these gifts, and reinforces our Christian mission to share the Gospel and bring spiritual hope. The spirit of Christmas is certainly reinforced by the giving of these gifts and the hope the final recipient experiences. A full list of gifts can be found on our website (see below) and gift cards and wallets are available for you to give to your loved ones.



The office will be closed from 1pm on

22 December


9am on 2 January

May we take this opportunity to wish you all a peaceful Christmas, filled with joy and happiness.

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