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Office Overheads

Office Overheads

Our office was once described as a shed with stairs!  That's probably an insult to most sheds these days which can usually be counted on to be dry inside, have windows, and aren't held together by tape  ;-)


We don't work at CHI for the fancy office or extravagant salaries but we do love Jesus and want to serve him, making sure every penny possible goes to doing the work on the ground. 


It does however cost us to run the office, including the warehouse for all the knitting that goes to Eastern Europe, salaries, rent, utilities, stationary, printers that keep packing up and cables that the rats keep chewing through, etc etc.


If you would like to contribute to those costs, it would be wonderful.  If you would like to donate on a regular basis we would be extremely grateful!  We do incur transaction fees on every donation through the website so if you would like to save us 50p or give a different amount regularly, please head over to our donate page where you will find our bank details to set up a standing order.

Price Options
£10.00every month until canceled
One-time purchase
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