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Benine Keza
  • Benine Keza

    Lives in: Kibungo, Rwanda

    Date of Birth: 20 May 2012

    School Year: Senior 1

    Siblings: 1 brother & 2 sisters


    Benine's father abandoned the family in 2020, his whereabouts are unknown. Her mother is a casual worker who struggles to provide for the family. Benine is regularly sent home as her school fees are unpaid. She enjoys studying languages.


    Price Options
    Monthly Sponsorship
    £20.65every month until canceled
    Annual Sponsorship
    £245.50every year until canceled
    • Transaction Fees

      Because the child benefits from the full £20 per month sponsorship, we have included the transaction fees we incur through our website payment processor.  You can sponsor directly through the office and pay via standing order to avoid this fee.

    • Your Welcome Pack

      Once you have signed up to sponsor a child, we will send you more information about the child, the area they live and go to school in and how to correspond with them.  Many of our supporters want to know how they can give more support and we will outline this as well, although there is absolutely no obligation to do so and we won't keep asking you.

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