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Sleepless in Kamembe

What a day! It started in Kigali with a flight down to Cyangugu. Not exactly a 747 and the assembly instructions on the engines did not fill us with confidence!!

We shook, rattled and rolled our way to Cyangugu on the 25 minute flight and arrived at Kamembe airport in time for breakfast with Bishop Francis and the Diocesan team.

We decided to forgo lunch to grab 2 hours sleep and freshen up before heading to the Diocesan Office and single mothers training centre, then on to the immaculately run Church Health Centre, St Matthews School and Murangi Farm Training Centre, where water to feed the irrigation system is pumped from the small river in the valley using solar power, and an abundance of tomatoes grow in a very impressive greenhouse.

Our final stop was the Jill Barham School where we met with Headteacher Chance and some of the girls who have benefitted from the Days for Girls Hygiene Project.

The school and the testimonies were inspiring, but the wiring still left something to be desired.

Finally, dinner, blog and bed. We have now been up for around 42 hours, analysing all we have seen today will have to wait.

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Hope that you were all able to get some rest and had a successful meeting with Diocesan team. I'm hoping you are receiving some comments - I seem to be having difficulty sending emails to you - nothing new there then!! Blessings Paul

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