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One More Step

Our first morning in Uganda, saw us walking down to St John's Church to meet Patrick and David. We had a quick tour of the refurbished covered outdoor area, and Patrick took us to meet his family, who have grown in inches and number - he had omitted to tell us he now had a 3 year old daughter !!!

From there we travelled through town and up the red clay tracks to Aunt Louise's School for the Disabled.  When we visited 4 years ago we left with ideas but no means to improve their situation.  As always, you, our supporters helped us realise the ideas, the children were quickly sponsored and money came in to supply them with solar power, mattresses (some of which will definitely need replacing very soon) wheelchairs, musical and educational equipment.  It was lovely to see the brightly painted walls as we approached. 

Lawrence, one of the children rushed out as he heard the car pulling up, running to hug Patrick and David, then us. Rahuma followed, hugging us all.  As we went into the classroom it was good to see the brick walls had been plastered and painted with bright murals. 

Zeituni was thrilled to see us, she smiled brightly as we bent down to greet her.  The children were all so happy to see us, smiling and laughing, hugging and holding our hands.  It was very emotional. 

We reluctantly left them after a while to have a walk round.  We were disappointed to discover that the toilet block had not been completed to the spec we had hoped, and we need to work out a way forward with this.  There were a lot of livestock, a cow and two calves, too many moving goats to count and a pig with 6 piglets, chickens of various ages roamed freely. 

Lawrence's mum now helps Edward and Louise with simple tasks such as serving meals and looking after some of the children's needs. Lawrence decided to put on some music, loudly, which made Carmen jump, which in turn made everyone laugh.  Innocent quickly turned it down!   Fin decided to play teacher and was impressed when they could count to 50, recite the ABC and name all the fruits and animals which had been painted on the walls and all in English.  If only our Lugandan could reach such heights. 

We helped serve them a hearty lunch of chapati, beans, matoke and meat, with a vegetarian option for Paul.   Zeituni prayed a beautiful prayer for everyone, her mind is sharp but she is let down by her contorted body. Sadly time came to say goodbye, and with promises of another visit before we head back to England we left, wishing we had more time in our schedule to sing and dance with them.  

Lunch next for us, and then a tour of some of the sponsored children's homes.  

All this group of children live in a rural area out of town, they all have plots of land where they can grow their own food, but many have large families, or no husband or are living with grand parents.  Life is still very tough, and the sponsorship ensures the children can go to school without any worries of being sent home.  

The star of the afternoon had to be Joan, her sponsor had sent her extra pocket money which she saved to buy chickens and a piglet, she has looked after her animals and with help from her father, and siblings to build pens and an impressive chicken shed, she has managed to amass many chickens, 7 pigs, 4 piglets and a cow.  What an achievement! Going forward it looks like she will be able to help support her family with all their educational needs.  What a wonderful testimony to how a small regular amount of money from us really can transform lives.

The Bishop then called asking us if we could reschedule and visit him this evening, and so Patrick whisked us off to Kako, where we enjoyed drinks, fruit and biscuits on the lawn.  The Bishop's wife brought out jackfruit which everyone agreed was delicious.   As the light began to fail, Patrick said we should leave, and so our first day in Uganda was over.  

Back to the guest house, for dinner and reports, and so to bed.  Goodnight.  God bless.


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3 comentarios

Miembro desconocido
04 feb

Thank you so much for the update on the Aunt Louise school. Wonderful to hear of the improvements and faith despite difficulties ❤️

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
03 feb

I love the moto on the wall "given the chance we can do something". Loving reading about your adventures here! Susan Cuin

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
02 feb

So great to see the improvements at Aunt Louise's school. Is there any chance to get a physio involved in Zeituni's life?

Me gusta
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