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Leaving on a Prop Plane... or NOT

We had an early start today for our journey back to Kigali. After a bit of suitcase content shuffling to please the man at the luggage weighing scales we were all successfully checked in and would soon be on the flight. Or so we thought.


Remember the plane with propellors from Monday, well we must have broken it, as today there were technical issues and the flight was cancelled. 



There is only one flight a day so we now have to wait until tomorrow morning, when hopefully the plane is repaired and we can leave this beautiful diocese.


He came to grant us rest. 

We have fired on every cylinder and more since Monday, and without a doubt were struggling with the lack of sleep. We all feel much rested having had today cancelled (though we will cram everything in still!). An opportunity to catch up with the blog and reports. Thank you Lord for giving us time to recharge our batteries.


Rwandair came good and put us up in a hotel in Kamembe.

The weather was good and the highlight of the day was definitely swimming in Lake Kivu!

Thank you for reading this blog, do put a comment so we know you are there!!! 

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Following you with prayer and interest . The swim looks wonderful .Praying for safe return

Carol Wyeth xx


Jan 27

God always knows what we need. Glad He gave you rest. Praying for your health and well being and that God will help you to see where the need is greatest. Keep smiling


Hi Team, as ever God's timing is always perfect - you've been forced to rest up for a day - that's good and something you probably all needed after the initial travel issues getting to Rwanda.

Looking at the pictures of Lake Kivu - I didn't realise they had whales in Rwanda - certainly not bearded ones anyway.

By the way, if you are not getting many responses to your Blog (which have been great, thank you) I have found that I have been unable to use my phone to make comments on the Blog but I can through the website. Probably this may be due to my grasp of the technology but be assured we are getting updates and…


Praying on for you and the people you're meeting. Thanks for the blog updates.


Glad you had time to rest. That lake looks lovely hope you all enjoyed your swim.

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