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It's a Long Way to Byumba

 An early start got us successfully to the airport and on to Kigali where Bishop Nathan had bought a welcoming committee to meet us. 


Next stop was the Star School, it was great to see all the sponsored children again and we all enjoyed time together.

From there it was the Kigali Guest House Cafe where we met with Lydia, the Field Assistant who looks after our Gasabo sponsored children. She is new to the job, so it was good to meet her. She took a very happy Shirley off to visit the children she sponsors.

Bishop Nathan loaded us back into the cars and we headed to Rusinga (also known as Kirenge) a new Missionary Archdeaconry parish, which means it has no open church, no pastor's house and the Pastor only receives £20-30 per month from the Diocese. This is a large area, which had no Anglican church presence, so this is a church planting project, which hopes to have 8 churches by the end of this year. They do have a church under construction, central to the area, and during our visit four church members and several children came to see who the Bishop was showing off their church to.


Running late as always we came out to find all our luggage stacked into the back of the Bishop's car, ready for our onward journey to Byumba. Cramming Nick in the back with the bags, (he volunteered!) we headed into hills of Byumba.

 A couple of hours later we were safely dropped off and ensconced in the wonderful Byumba Diocesan Guest House, where Robert was waiting for us. The Bishop had arranged dinner with a traditional dancing troupe to entertain us, Carmen and Fin were encouraged to joined in.  

 We have spent about 10 hours travelling by plane and car today and we were pleased to see our beds at the end of the day.


Thank you for your continued prayers and comments.


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