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Children living in remote African village in extreme poverty



We share God's love in remote communities.

Give hope to those in need today by sponsoring a child or supporting one of our projects.

Woman selling fruit on her fruit stall


Christian Hope International is a christian charity partnering with churches in some of the world’s poorest countries to tackle poverty and share the redeeming love of Jesus.  We seek to improve life chances through education and child sponsorship as well as helping communities get back on their feet with small sustainable projects.


Robert (graduate of sponsorship programme)

"From my childhood when I was nothing but a little child you helped me both in my studies and my life at home with my family. You are really a blessing to me.”

Robert, Rwanda

sponsored girl smiling

"I have written this letter to extend my sincere gratitude to you my beloved sponsor and also thank you for choosing me as your daughter.  I am so happy."

Shibah, Uganda

Pastor Philbert

“It was such a joy at the local church where testimonies were given, we realised that God is making miracles and wonders in this church and we surely recognised His presence in the works that were done, with 14 people baptised that day.”

Pastor Philbert, Rwanda

Boy wearing homemade glasses

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