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Christian Hope International, Hope House, The Elms Estate, Church Road, Harold Wood. RM3 0JU  :  :  01708 377795  :  Reg. charity no. 1061526

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Working through the local churches MWB assist those in most need in communities and orphanages in Eastern Europe.

Winters are harsh in these countries with temperatures plummeting to well below zero. A blanket or warm jumper can be the difference between life or death.

Across the country an army of knitters continually fill our warehouse with the most amazing array of goods. Historically these items were sent on containers to Africa where, believe it or not,  babies were dying of cold.

Since the cessation of our container work we have linked with another Christian charity, Mission Without Borders who ensure your wonderful items are delivered to those in need in Eastern Europe where temperatures fall well below zero.

Knitting and crochet may be your hobby, a good way to pass a few spare hours, but did you know you could be saving a life?


Fundraising CAN BE FUN. Encourage your friends and family to take part by sponsoring you and raise funds for our African projects. They could:


Knitted Blanket Final.pdf dk crochet knit jumper  24 - 26.pdf dk jumper 32 - 34.pdf dk jumper knitted 24 -26.pdf wrist warmers - dk.pdf FREE KNITTING PATTERNS. JUST CLICK THE PICTURE. Anniversary crochet blanket.pdf

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