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A good night's sleep

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Goretti (right) is the mother of Shema (left), one of the children sponsored by Christian Hope International. After we visited them in their home, we updated the sponsor who said that they would like to provide some additional household items to help them out.

After discussing their most pressing needs with the local pastor, the sponsor kindly donated two mattresses, a solar lamp and a stove.

Upon receiving the gifts, Goretti said:

“I am so happy and I really thank Christian Hope International and Shema’s sponsor. Shema had no mattress and mine it was so old I was too shy to take it out. Now I’m very happy that we’re going to sleep in a good place. Thank you also for the lamp you gave us which will help us a lot. It will help Shema do his homework. We don’t have electricity so it was difficult for him to do his school work in the evening but now the problem is solved and I hope he will do better in his studies.

I also thank you for the stove you gave me because we don’t have a kitchen. We would face a problem when it rained and we would have no place to cook outside. Now it’s easy because when it rains we bring it in our house and we continue cooking.

I would like to thank you very much for your kind support to us. God bless you very much, continue to pray for me as I am sick and my house is old but I believe God will help us. We appreciate also our local church that continues to be close to us in every possible way.”

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