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From simple ideas such as providing school materials, uniform and midday lunch, to renovation of school buildings. We have an education project to suit all interests and budgets. 

Just £5 makes a significant impact in the fight to ensure every child receives an education. If you would like to make that difference read on and see what your £5 could provide, you might just be surprised!!


Every child deserves an education, but many living in poverty are denied this right simply because they cannot afford the pen and paper required to attend school.

Many parents cannot afford to provide the materials a child needs to attend school. Unbelievably the cost of these items is just £15 per year.

A school uniform gives a sense of belonging and pride to a child in need, just £10 bestows this blessing and helps a child feel valued.

Your support would give hope for a  better future to a child living in poverty.


A luxury for far to many children!!

One meal a day, eaten in the evening, is the best many  children can hope for, all too often they don't even get that. Hunger affects concentration, discipline and their ability to learn.

Just £5 provides school lunch for a child for an entire term.

Your donation would help a child make the most of their education, and show God's love in action in a very practical way.



It is dark by 7pm every night in Rwanda & Uganda and few are fortunate enough to have electricity. Imagine trying to do your homework by candlelight. Candles and kerosene lamps are expensive and bad for the health.

A Solar Lamp costs just £10, is charged by the sun, and benefits the entire family.

Will you shine a light in the home of a family in need?

Would you like to be a school partner? A regular donation to our School Partners fund would support the school you choose from those schools with which we partner, providing funds to enable them to purchase much needed equipment, make essential repairs or support those pupils in most need.

You choose how much you would like to donate, we work hard to ensure it makes an impact. An annual report is sent to you showing how the funds have been used. Please contact the office for more information about making a regular donation.

View the latest reports here



Not every student is academically minded, but practical skills are valuable too. Unfortunately in Africa, as elsewhere, vocational training is often considered of lesser importance.

Vocational training centres are poorly funded and the students are often those in most need.

Providing the equipment to teach skills which will provide a career for the less academically minded is vital in the fight against poverty.

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