DAY 19 – A DAY OF REST!!!!!

Sunday in Rwanda sees large numbers of men, women and children heading for their local church, for us today that meant a short walk to Kibungo Cathedral, the service was once again in Kinyarwandan with plenty of song and dance, including by the pastor (who seemed to be well practiced in microphone swinging), this seems to be the norm in churches in Rwanda. The readings were from Acts 2  and Nehemiah 8. Asifiwe did a good job of interpreting for us with the main message being how modern society interferes with our focus on our faith.

The church is currently collecting to assist a lady who had sickness in her family and an offering was taken for her, we failed to understand this part of the service, so were a little surprised when a second offering basket was uncovered. Fortunately we were able to access a few more Rwandan francs for the church. The lady was presented with an envelope, we hope she will be pleasantly surprised.


English services seem to have stopped following Covid, maybe everyone went home.  On more than one occasion we have been told we are the first Western visitors to come since Covid, and it has been a cause for celebration in this wonderful country where visitor are seen as a sign of hope.

This was followed by a very pleasant lunch with Asifiwe, his wife Juliette, and Frank, another member of the Diocesan staff.

Then we headed off for a meeting with Bishop Emmanuel to review our timetable and discuss challenges being faced, and future support by CHI for Kibungo Diocese.  We addressed a few issues experienced by us and the Bishop promised to take the necessary action. Our meeting ended just after 4pm and Asifiwe then had to go on a 4 hour bus ride to Kigali for a meeting tomorrow.  These young, newly qualified pastors seem to work 24/7, they really do give their lives to the church.

And so an early finish as we may even complete our reports etc in daylight. Probably fortuitous, we have an early start in the morning as we head for Gasabo Sub parish where a church refurbishment was undertaken just prior to Covid.