Today we said goodbye to the lovely staff at St Etienne’s Cathedral Guest House and headed for Kibungo Diocese.

Due to CHOGM many of the roads in Kigali were closed and what should have been a 3 – 3 1/2 hour journey on tarmac roads  ended up being 5 hours, about 2 of which were on some very interesting murram roads!!!  Unfortunately we never get the best pictures of these roads as we are too busy hanging on

By the time we arrived at 5.45pm we had kept the Bishop waiting for about two hours. He was very gracious and gave thanks for our safe arrival.

The church guest house in Kibungo is currently closed and so the Bishop had arranged  for us very preferential rates at a local hotel. We were stopped at a  barrier and the underneath of the car was swept by a security guard, a little worrying but we hope this was only to give us a sense of security!!!   The hotel looked far superior to our usual budget accommodation and before we left we had discovered it had a swimming pool, we had high expectations.

We were shown to our very large rooms, (one each, such a luxury as Pauline and I have shared until now) and wonderfully discovered the rooms have baths. The idea of being able to soak out the red dust filled us with joy.  Decision made, a quick shower, dinner and then an overdue soak in the bath. Our hopes were quickly dashed as we discovered the trickle of water from the shower had 2 temperatures, cold and colder


The swimming pool is empty, and the electricity dropped out by 7pm although it came on again fairly quickly. The dinner we ordered at 6.30pm arrived at 8.15pm (not quite as slow as the 2hr toasted sandwich in St Etienne’s that wasn’t actually toasted). It is almost reassuring to find that some things in Rwanda really haven’t changed at all.


One thought on “DAY 16 – TRAVEL TO KIBUNGO

  1. Paul and Joan says:

    Oh the joys of red dust!! You wonder how you will ever get it out of your clothes let alone your pores. I’m sure the disappointment in the promise of bath/shower/swimming pool after your long journey will soon be overcome by the brothers and sisters you will meet. You are now well into the third week. We pray for stamina, encouragement and joy as you visit existing and potential projects – We imagine that they will have a few lengthy trips in store for you! Keep strong in the Lord. Thank you so much for the blog – I know that it is probably the last thing in the world that you want to do after a long hot day but it helps to keep us up to date and we can therefore focus our prayers. It will also provide a trigger for you to help with future plans and projects and will help to put a face to a name.

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