We arrived at St John’s Church at 9am to spend a day with our sponsored children as they attend the Saturday Project. We brought 4 suit cases of sports equipment, to be shared between 4 project locations, including Cricket, Rounders and Football items, 2 Parachutes and several bags of Tennis Balls. There was huge excitement as the bags were opened and a great morning was had as we taught the children to play parachute games. We shared lunch and then played rounders, cricket and team games until 4pm when the children left for their homes.

We then set off for Kitengeesa to visit the homes of 5 sponsored children who live in this parish. The first thing that struck us was how far they lived from the project, it takes these children 2 hours to walk to the church each Saturday. We are often asked how much sponsorship is valued….would you walk for 4 hours a day to attend something unless it meant a great deal to you?? The homes we visited were very rural and the poverty was some of the worst we have seen in Uganda but we were offered gifts of vegetables by the youngsters guardians.

It is normal for gifts sent to the children to be used to buy livestock and Bridgette was very proud of her pig and piglets which will be sold to provide an income for the family.

It was dark by the time we negotiated the tracks that lead off the hills and we were relieved to arrive back at 7.45 for a shower (still cold) before writing up notes and posting the blog. I think another late night looms.


  1. Jean gibbs says:

    After several days of not getting any news it was brilliant to get up-to date today. Sounds as though you are quite shattered by the road system but hopefully uplifted to see the results of your work. May God continue to bless you all in your travels . (.And grant you warm if not hot water supply)

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