As another visit comes to an end we have returned to a situation that has seemed distant and slightly unreal. Empty supermarket shelves, children unable to go to school, workplaces shut and everyone worried about how they will afford to live, or even if they will live!!!

For so many in Uganda this is an everyday reality with no end in sight. There is no welfare safety net. Supermarket prices are comparable with the UK but many are casual workers struggling to earn £1 a day, the elderly and sick cannot earn at all, families cannot afford food let alone the fees or materials for their children to go to school, many, young and old die from easily treatable illnesses as a result of poverty, rendering them unable to access medical care, the church run clinics who treat regardless of ability to pay are empty of drugs. And just in case you’re wondering, toilet rolls are an unaffordable luxury, using leaves from the garden is the norm for many.

So we are not panic buying and, if we are able, we will continue with the everyday activities of CHI.

Our hearts will continue to break for those we met and the situations we encountered. We will remember the faces of those who welcomed us into their homes, who sang, dance and smiled, despite the often tragic stories later recounted to us.


But as we remember we will also rejoice, because in communities in which there has been intervention, congregations are growing, many are being baptised, the requests for Bibles are almost as great as the requests for practical aid, and Canon Patrick assures us the work of CHI is directly responsible for this growth. This is only possible as a result of your prayerful and financial support.

We will continue to pray for the projects, for individuals and particularly for Canon Patrick whose heart for his people is so large. We have seen the pain he feels when he is unable to help, the internal struggle that renders him almost unable to face the situations he encounters, and his tireless efforts to do everything he possibly can for those in his care.

So as you pray for those affected by the current crisis, please join us in remembering in your prayers those for whom life is uncertain every day, and pray that the work of CHI will continue to bring hope into the lives of those in need.


4 thoughts on “HOME AGAIN

  1. Paul and Joan says:

    A timely reminder for us all during these testing times in the UK. As you say our brothers and sisters live with the continual threat from ‘treatable’ ailments let alone a pandemic. It is so easy for us in the wealthy UK to put our trust in the services that have been set up to protect and take care of us in times of need. Ultimately they will never be enough. We need to remember that it is God who created and sustains us, not just during the difficult times, but every second. Every moment is a gift from Him. Our partners in Africa and those who are helped have much to teach us about this and to rejoice in the good things no matter how small and seemingly trivial they might be.
    Praise God that CHI has been able to provide some of the resources that bring Hope to those in need through the generosity of our supporters. May each one of us seek God to see how He is calling us to spread something of the material blessings we have to our Brothers and Sisters.
    Praise God for the detailed reports during the visit and for your safe return.

  2. Jo Elliott says:

    Thanks so much for all the updates and sorry this is a little late. Your final post really has put many things in to context.
    God Bless you for all you do.

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