Our last day in Kijjabwemi and we planned to spend the morning visiting some of the sponsored children at their schools. The 129 children in this project attend a number of different schools, some as day students and some as boarders. These visits highlight for us the enormity and challenges of obtaining the letters and photos we request each year.


At school two the rain joined us. At school three, where we saw the open classroom, marginally better than a tree and lovely on a sunny day but not ideal in the rain, Pauline took a tumble, much to Patrick’s dismay.

After meeting the children and the head teacher, and the inevitable signing of the visitors book, it was back to the car. “That’s it, enough” declared Patrick, obviously deciding that the Muzungu in the rain were too much of a liability. And so we headed back to Banda Lodge.

As the most medically qualified amongst us (a retired vet) Ian did a sterling job of cleaning and patching Pauline’s wounds, no health and safety, surgical gloves or accident books here!

With plenty of time to write the blog, type up today’s very short report and repack our cases, we are signing off and taking a short safari in QE National Park.

We hope you have enjoyed following our travels and gained a small insight into the everyday challenges of life in Uganda for those in need.

Please keep us in your prayers as we travel over the next few days. We have no idea whether we will have internet or not, so while Pauline will endeavour to post on Facebook, do not worry if we are out of touch.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed and left messages during our time here.

We hope you will continue to support this work as we return to the UK to look at the finances and prayerfully consider which projects we are able support.

4 thoughts on “LAST WORKING DAY

  1. Maz says:

    Have a wonderful Safari. We had a day trip to the park when I visited with Lydia and Denis and the kids last year and it was amazing, so you’re in for a real treat.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for your reports.
    They really bring your trip to life and we give thanks for all that your visit meant to so many people that you met. We pray for healing for Pauline and that you will enjoy the safari experience .
    May you be blessed

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