Is it really Saturday again already, where did that week go? It seems like only yesterday we joined the children at the Saturday Project and yet here we are again.

As always we started with a time of worship, hymns, bible readings, and memory verses, Abdul, one of the older sponsored children explained very clearly the reading from Matthew 5:v43-45

We were asked to choose a hymn, Shine Jesus Shine seemed like a good choice, unfortunately, the children didn’t know it, and the three of us are probably the worst singers you could ever imagine. We tried to teach them but they probably regretted asking!!!

Then it was time for porridge. As many of the children were sitting exams today there were far fewer at the projects and so they received an additional treat of a Mandazi (a type of doughnut), these children who have so little to eat wanted to share these treats with us.

Then it was CHI time and we spent a wonderful couple of hours just playing games, we taught them some of ours and they taught us some of theirs. We had no idea what was going on but it was great fun, and Ian played wrestling games with Emmanuel who seems to have adopted him as his Jajja (granddad).




All to soon it was time for them to leave for their homes, as we said goodbye it was hard not to shed a tear, knowing what some of them were returning to, how uncertain their futures are, and knowing we would not see them again on this trip .

After lunch it was time to visit some of their homes. A tiring afternoon walking through the local community gave us a real insight into their lives, however dire the conditions they live in, there is a real sense of community, doors are open, children wander between the houses, and neighbours help those less able.

We also met with Leticia and her mum at their market stall. We were told that since Leticia became involved with the Project her mum’s mental health has improved as she now feels there is hope for their lives.

We arrived back at Banda Lodge tired, dusty and with a real sense of having shared in something that is making a very positive impact in the lives of some of those in most need.

Now we just need to encourage YOU to sponsor a child, to enable more of these youngsters to benefit from this support and come to know Jesus in their lives.


    • CHI Team says:

      I think our version probably needed a risk assessment. Definitely no recordings available!!!

  1. Eleanor says:

    You have obviously had lots of fun with the children today and probably a day they or you will not forget.
    I am following you each day. Very exciting.

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