The thought of today does not fill us with joy as the journey to Masaka is approx 120 miles of dirt roads. It is difficult to convey the discomfort as we bounce around in the hot 7 seater being used to transport us and our luggage.The surface varies from at best driving across a good impression of a corrugated tin roof to gingerly negotiating mounds that threaten to remove the bottom of the vehicle often hitting dips or bumps which are deceptively larger or deeper than they appear, there is no ‘right side’ to the often narrow roads as you swerve around pot holes or try not get stuck in the deep ruts.

We have no idea how long the journey will take so at 8am we literally ‘hit the road’. Too painful to recount, it is sufficient to say our journey took 7 hours, after a detour was needed to avoid a road closed due to flooding.

Arriving at St John’s church, Kijjabwemi we were met by Canon Gaster who oversees the sponsorship project there, and Pastor Patrick who oversees the work at Kimwany Parish. After some short formalities we were taken to out hotel where we continued our conversation over dinner.

Another cold shower and bed at 11pm

The sign by Paul & Ian’s rooms read Banda Zoo!!!!        Low cost but not exactly slumming it