Refreshed after a nights sleep (although the call to prayer from the local Mosque woke us at 5am) and a pleasant breakfast we started the day with a service at the church led by the Bishop. Then a short walk down the hill and an inspection of Matendo VTC reveals some of the challenges ahead.

The meeting that follows includes church leaders, Jackson Kasozi, The centre Principal and members of the local community. Many challenges we had previously been unaware of, and suggestions for a way forward, were discussed. The centre was officially handed over to the Diocese and a vote taken by the community leaders showed the majority were in favour of pursuing the Training Centre vision. The Bishop instructed them to put forward a sustainable long term plan, reporting back in one month.

We ended the meeting feeling a little despondent and daunted by the task in hand.

An afternoon of discussions with the Arch Deacon and a welcome early night, the power was back but still no internet.