After a comfortable night and plesant breakfast at 8am and we meet Moses, our driver for the next few days. Prayers offered for journey mercies we set of for Kangahara.

Negotiating the traffic around the outskirts of Kampala is always a slow process but eventually we are through and on our way. Five hours later we reach Mbende, the end of the tarmac road. A short stop for some light refreshment and we se off again, two hours of dirt road later we reach the Starlight Hotel, tired, dusty but thankful to God that we have arrived safely. After so much traveling over the last 3 days we are looking forward to a quiet evening and early night.

A quick (cold) shower is closely followed by the discovery that we have no electric or internet. and the arrival of the Bishop, Arch Bishop and local Pastor who invites us to his home for our evening meal. We arrive to find about nine leaders of the local church and community waiting to greet us!!!!

It was a tight squeeze to fit everyone in but a pleasant evening of fellowship and traditional food, a quick look around the church which was under renovation when we last visited, and we return, grateful for the hospitality but very glad to final fall into bed.

Paul & Tony by our vehicle