After breakfast, omelette of course, we left for today’s visit.

The road was definitely an improvement on yesterday and we arrived in Rwintashya Parish without incident. This Parish overlooks Sake Lake and is a very peaceful and attractive location.

A wonderful greeting in the church by some of those who had received goats and we set off to visit a few of the homes. Whilst each of the testimonies are very similar and it is easy for us to feel we have ‘heard it all before’. It is important to remember that for each of these families receiving a goat was beyond their wildest dreams and really is life changing. Time and again we have heard from pastors whose congregations have grown and people have been given hope and a renewed determination to improve their lives. Of course not every one is a success story but that is the way of life.

Recipients are forming support groups, savings schemes and meeting to read the bible. They help each other through challenging times; communities are being drawn closer together and churches are growing. Who would have thought a few goats could have such an impact in these villages?

It is rare for muzungu (white people) to visit these remote villages and some of the children are cautious about coming near. They creep along behind us but will not get too close. Carmen had fun with the children by pretending to be ‘scary muzungu’ . We do hope they don’t have nightmares tonight!!

Back to the pastor’s house where we saw his bike which was provided to the diocese through CHI in 2014 and passed on to him by the previous pastor of this church.

Back for a quick lunch of chip omelette!!!! and it was off to visit Itetero Primary School where some furniture and books had been provided for the library. Funding had been sent for one cow which has now become four. The children attending this school now have milk in their porridge.

We visited the classrooms where the children were encouraged to ask us questions. One child wanted to know how old we were – today’s lesson….. never ask a child to guess your age.  Paul is 90, Ian 92 and Carmen 82!!! This trip has obviously taken a bigger toll than we realised


Tomorrow we move on again, this time to Byumba. Hopefully we will have internet for the last stage of our journey. Watch this space.

2 thoughts on “DAY 17 – RWINTASHYA PARISH

  1. Carmen says:

    Not just their hospitality but their welcome and their faith too.
    Good to know you’re following us.

  2. Paula says:

    Seems you are having quite an adventure and will bring many memories back with you. Their hospitality is humbling.

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