We arrived at Gatwick Airport at 6pm Sunday evening and departed on time at 9.45pm. A short stop at Dubai and we were on our way again finally landing at Entebbe at 1.20pm Monday afternoon. After an hour and a half clearing customs (I guess we are now on Africa time) and collecting bags it was a huge relief to find our driver waiting for us, a bigger relief still when all the bags and passengers were squeezed into the car. A stop to change up some money and we finally arrived at the guest house around 4pm.

A welcome cold beer and a shower later we felt somewhat revived and ventured out to find a meal.

It is now just after 9pm (Uganda is 2 hours ahead of the UK) and we are headed to bed. Tomorrow will be another long day of traveling.

Internet access may be a problem for a few days but keep checking in for updates.

Waiting for the off at Gatwick.

5 thoughts on “WE HAVE ARRIVED

  1. Cass says:

    So pleased the first stage of your journey has gone well. Enjoy a good nights rest and a safe drive tomorrow. God bless.

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