A night of thunderstorms and torrential rain caused some trepidation as we left for Gikonko School situated around 5000 ft above sea level. The road to Gikonko has always been a challenge. Prayers were said for journey mercies and we were off


Much to our delight the rain stopped, the road has been improved and widened almost beyond recognition and thankfully we arrived without any fearful moments, in no small part due to Pastor Emmanuel and his skilful driving.

This boarding school is an inspiration. It excels in many areas despite facing huge challenges as many of the pupils here come from very poor families and are unable to pay the fees

.The cow provided some years ago is alive and well and has multiplied and the school now has 3 cows and another one due. These cows provide milk for the students and the aim is to increase the herd to at least six.

The school has performed so well that the government has provided them with 100 laptop computers. What progress from our last visit 5 years ago, when we saw 12 computer towers all of which were in need of repair. We subsequently sent funds for that purpose. These computers are now used for maintenance and repairs.

The children are well disciplined, very smart and the school has a very happy atmosphere. They have performed well in sports and their girls handball team is the top national team


After a time of discussion and light refreshment it was on to Butare (Huye) our home until Sunday. We have very limited internet here but will endeavour to post the blog each day.

We are struck, as we drive through the country and speak to many people, by the sense of purpose and determination we see. They don’t just have innovative ideas and wait for someone else to provide the means. As we have heard many times, they plan, pray, do what they can and leave it in God’s hands. The outcome is amazing. It is such a privilege to be a small part of the huge changes we are seeing here.


2 thoughts on “DAY 9 – GIKONKO

  1. June Dave Daltrey x says:

    Hi to you all, have been following your journey with interest, you have had a busy time
    so far, it must be very rewarding to see all the progress that has been made since your
    last visit, hope you are all well, have a safe journey.

  2. MARY HEBRON says:

    Great news hearing all the progress from your work so far. Very uplifting. Btw it’s raining cos Carmen is there. Well done so far guys

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