This morning we said goodbye to Kigali and headed south to Shyogwe Diocese, our home for the next 3 days.

A warm welcome from Bishop Jered, some light refreshment and a tour of the training centre found us running an hour late. The scheduled 1.5 hour lunch was achieved in 20 minutes and it was back on the road to Gisanga where we are supporting a Parish Project


The main roads in Rwanda are fairly good, but once off the main road it is a different story. They are commonly known as ‘dancing roads’ or as Bishop Jered explained, a free massage, we have yet to be convinced!!! One hour and well massaged later we arrived in one of the driest areas of Rwanda we have yet experienced.

The new school building had been funded by the government but, in order to create enough land for the building, the Pastor had given the land he used to grow food for his family. 1002 children and 14 teachers attend this school, the books we had purchased will never be enough!!!

We saw the water tanks we had provided and visited the head teachers house where some repairs had been funded.

We are so humbled by the welcome we receive wherever we go and the constant message is, your practical support is valuable but your visit means so much. These people have so little, they feel forgotten and find it hard to believe anyone cares enough to come all this way to see them. The stories we hear are heartbreaking but they put on their best clothes, smile and praise God for our visit.

There is so much we can do to improve lives here, the first phase of this project is complete but we think a phase two is looking likely.

Another thunderstorm saw us seeking shelter in the pastor’s house, how can he possibly minister to his people living in these conditions? After some discussion we learn that he has no transport and his attendance at parish meetings requires him to walk the distance it took us an hour to drive.

We left Gisanga at 6pm in heavy rain for a 7pm dinner date with the Bishop, is it very bad manners to keep a Bishop waiting!!? No time to change but he didn’t seem to mind.

A very pleasant evening with some traditional dance, joining in was not an option, we’re not sure our version was quite up to scratch.