The ‘new’ Kigali guest house sits in the Cathederal compound which we can see from our rooms.

The day started with a breakfast we didn’t expect…. porridge!!! That said it was very pleasant and followed by fresh pineapple was a good start to the day.

We were then visited by Merard, a very eloquent and successful young man who was one of CHI’s early sponsored children. Now married with two children of his own and a successful career in the Kigali planning dept. his is definitely a story to encourage any would be sponsors.

A walk to the local ‘shops’ to stock up with water and it was back in time to be collected by Arch Bishop Onesphore for lunch at his home. En route a visit to two church plants in the Gasabo Diocese, The first in Gisozi Parish had a foundation but worship was in a ‘big top’ not allowed under Kigali law.

The second at Batsinda (meaning ‘they always win’) where the land and rather sorry buildings had recently been purchased. However a small mothers union group were enjoying a time of worship.

Over lunch and through the afternoon a time of discussion with AB Onesphore and his wife Josephine regarding the work of CHI and the impact it has in the lives of those supported and the impact on their ministry.

Tomorrow the work starts in earnest!!!