Yesterday a young girl, aged about 10, led the singing, despite wiping away tears the she completed her song, later we learned that her mother had died just two weeks ago and she was being cared for by a teacher as she had no one else to care for her.
It was our last day with the children at Kijjabwemi today, what a joy this project is. We spent some time playing ball games and action songs then after a short service several of the young people, gave testimonies about the… difference sponsorship and learning about Jesus had made in their lives. The confidence of these children never ceases to amaze us.
After lunch we joined the youngsters who taught us some craft skills, even very young children are able to take part, these skills are not just recreational but give them skills that enable them to provide for themselves in the future. The crafts they make at the project are sold to the church congregation with the profits being fed back into the project to provide for the children.

The young children were fascinated by the hairs on Paul & Ian’s arms.

After being presented with yet another gift of a plaque of appreciation we said a sad farewell and headed to Kimwanyi to meet with some of the young people who are part of the youth project under Pastor Patrick’s guidance. They expressed their thanks for the funding that had enabled the Easter Cup to take place. This annual youth outreach event involving the youth from surrounding churches in the parish had been in danger of being cancelled due to a lack of funding. Thanks to donations to our Spiritual Growth fund we were able to step in and help.
Despite the fun we had today we can’t help but remember the plight of so many children who still need sponsorship,