Today we had the opportunity to meet with a group of the sponsored children. This started at 9am in the church with a time of song and dance, they were determined to teach us how and even Joff joined in without any arm twisting!!!

The youth lead the service, and then followed a time of testimonies telling how sponsorship had enabled them to remain in school, helped them overcome health challenges and even stopped them from taking the wrong path. They all gave thanks to God for their sponsors and requested we take home messages of thanks and love together with their prayers.


Then to the guest house garden where we spent a time of fun and games with these children who rarely have the opportunity to just be kids. There were a few guardians watching on but not nearly enough for the number of young children who had joined us. We showed them how to play wheelbarrow races, but it was heart breaking to discover that even the shoes that looked fair from the top had no soles. These children had put on their best clothes to come and meet us, but it didn’t take much scrutiny to see the reality of their lives.

Then it was time for lunch, when once again the pile of food on the plates of small children made our eyes pop. All the plates were cleared by the time the children left, what one did not eat another did, they don’t get enough to waste a mouthful.

One eight year old boy, Saide, who joined us was not sponsored, and Robert told us how he was a street child, the youngest of five children all by different fathers, his mother does not care about him and he is scared to go home as his older brother beats him. He does not go to school regularly but proved to be a bright confident boy. Robert has tried to mentor him and provide food but he is unable to do much without cooperation from his mother. He joined us for games and lunch and it was with large lumps in the throat that we said goodbye, only too aware of the future he is likely to face.

This afternoon Robert & Consolee took us to the local market, Pauline and Carmen took the job of helping the local community very seriously, we may need an extra case to bring back the material!!!

Then a lovely walk around the local area with the Bishop before being taken to his house for a meal. Walking there in the dark we were so sad to see children probably no more than eight years old, selling mandazi by the side of the road. Lots of laughter and some interesting discussions this evening has certainly given us some food for thought.

2 thoughts on “DAY 25 – MEETING THE CHILDREN

  1. Paula says:

    Heartbreaking to hear about saide. To be unloved ………… God please look after this child and send someone into his life to care and watch over him .

  2. Paul & Joan says:

    For many of these children simply having fun in something that is missing and you’ve brought something of that into their lives yesterday not to mention receiving a hearty meal. My prayer is that their sponsors will get a small glimpse into what their support achieves and that sponsorship generally will grow as more individuals take this God given opportunity to show His love and play a part in changing a life for eternity. PraiseGod

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