Another early start and, after a stop at the Kigali Diocesan office to finalise some admin, we headed for Kibungo.

The journey was longer than we remembered but on the whole the road was better and we arrived safely bringing with us the now familiar thunderstorm. Carmen’s reputation for bringing rain wherever she goes is definitely intact on this  trip, We are told however, that in Rwanda if visitors arrive and rain comes with them it is considered a blessing. We can only surmise therefore that many villages have been mightily blessed this last two weeks!!!


After meeting with the Bishop we visited Gahima Agape School where we have a number of sponsored children and also send funds through our School Partners Project.

The students performed a sketch for us showing the reality for many children who cannot afford the school fees and the difference sponsorship makes to them. Ian was delighted to meet his daughter’s sponsored child who has recently completed her education but came back just to meet him.


A tour of the school highlighted the success of the projects completed with funds sent by CHI. The cow purchased with school partner funds has produced two calves and they are expecting two more in May/June. The milk supplements the diets of the students who board. The mains water is shared with the neighbouring school benefitting many pupils.

This school faces a number of challenges as they take the poorest and often less able students, many of whom are unable to regularly pay their school fees. Sponsorship here is likely to be short term as many students finish in S3 (after 3 years). Students waiting for sponsorship can be found on our website

Our accommodation for the next 3 nights is a little rustic but the internet is good. Our ‘only in Africa’ moment ……… we are the only guests in 27 rooms but we have been put in the rooms where the hot water is not working!!! …… Who has the team plug is our usual question, tonight the burning question is who has the team toilet roll.

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  1. Tony Gibbs says:

    Really appreciate the posts. It’s almost (!!!!) like being there with you. We pray for continued safety, energy, good heath and lots of special moments as you witness our Lord at work, as you continue your adventure.

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