Ian had been asked to preach at the 8.30am English service in Butare Cathedral this morning so another early start

Already a little apprehensive, things didn’t improve when he was asked to wear a frock!!!! He preached an excellent sermon from Psalm 121 which seemed very appropriate all things considered but, it would be fair to say he has taken some stick today about the frock from his ever supportive colleagues!!!


We stayed for the Kinyarwandan service at which retired Archbishop Kolini preached, Ian was happy to be gazumped by an Archbishop. One member of the congregation was 107 years old (no it wasn’t Ian!!)


We stopped for a quick drink and another unsuccessful attempt to load the blog, then it was back on the road as we headed back to Kigali. Internet is better here so an opportunity to catch up with the blog and check emails.

Tomorrow we leave for Kibungo, we have no idea if we will have internet access…..or electric……or water….. so keep checking in.

Thank you to everyone who has left us a message. It makes a real difference when we are so far from home.

2 thoughts on “DAY 14 – BUTARE SERVICE

  1. Tony and Sandra Cook says:

    Hope things are ok in Kibungo, and the ‘essentials’ of life are not in short supply or non existent!!We are praying constantly for your travel,safety, and good health. Also of course energy for these last few days.
    Love from us both.

  2. Pam bs says:

    I have loved every moment of this inspirational trip and the happy faces at every place you have visited

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