DAY 12 & 13 KIGEME

We are back.

We have spent two days travelling some of the remotest parishes in Kigeme, through thunderstorms, torrential rain and, at times, blazing sun. Early starts, late nights and intermittent internet and electricity caused us to abandon the blog .


We have met with groups in church where conversation has been impossible due to the rain on the tin roofs, and marvelled at the commitment to the church from those who struggle to survive. If only our church gardening teams could be this committed!!


Many of those we meet are widows and orphans from the genocide just 24 years ago. They still suffer the physical and mental scars of that horror. These are a people who often feel forgotten and we are repeatedly told our visit means more than the practical support given.

We have walked the tracks to visit homes where our Loan4Hope project has changed lives, seen the livestock being bred, improved crops being grown and small businesses set up as a result of this intervention. We have heard testimonies from those now able to provide for their families and from pastors who are seeing their congregations growing.


The scenery here is stunning but the road improvement scheme has not yet reached this far. The tracks are narrow. Ruts, potholes and thick mud require rally type driving skills and the sheer drops are unprotected. Carmen’s eyes were closed on several occasions as our vehicle slipped and slid up the narrow tracks. We have never felt more in need of God’s protection as we have on these last two days. Many prayers have been said for journey mercies, and thanks given for safe arrivals.

We have visited the poorest homes and dined with Bishops but mostly we have been blessed by the people we have met, their faith and joy is infectious.


CHI once again stood for Causing Havoc Intentionally as we negotiated a village market on the way to visit a small business. Carmen is not entirely sure what she agreed to but it made this gentleman extremely happy!!!


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