This morning we met with Bishop Nathan and some of his staff, it was great to meet up with him again and he even remembered some of the cockney rhyming slang we taught him on our last visit!!

Then it was back on the road to the Mubumbano Vocational Training Centre. WOW what a transformation. The last time we were here the buildings were empty shells in need of restoration, today they house 130 non academic students learning practical skills. They are in dire need of tools and equipment but sang and danced for us with a joy we could only dream about.

Running late again it was back to the Nehemiah Coffee Shop at the guest house for lunch


Then on to Nkamatira where a parish project has included the building of a nursery school, 3 water tanks, as well as training, provision of goats and water containers. There were no ‘Sunday best’ clothes in this village!!!

Once again we were greeted with enthusiastic song and dance, even the Bishop strutted his stuff.

The nursery is not quite complete but it will soon provide for over 100 children in the parish

The church is badly in need of a floor, currently it is just mud and very dusty. We can only begin to imagine what it is like when it rains. Most of the congregation do not have a Bible (in Africa they are personally owned not a church resource).
The toys made by the children were inspirational and Paul couldn’t resist trying them out.

Ian however found a new girlfriend (but don’t tell carol)!!!

It is a good thing we don’t make decisions about further support until we return home as we could easily have spent all the CHI funds today alone. We are constantly reminded by our partners here that all we can do is ‘plan and pray and God will do the rest’. There is a great deal of praying being done here.

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  1. Rosemary and John Edwards says:

    Following your trip and thanking God for so many positives. Bless you all as you continue your travels

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